Varden Indoor Kitchen Garden

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  • If you like to cook fresh and eat clean, you need this in your kitchen for year round produce
  • Microgreens pack a nutrient punch plus they look great and are super easy to grow in the Varden indoor garden
  • Dedicate the entire cabinet to herbs (the easiest crop) or mix and in leafy’s and microgreens for variety
  • Experience the taste and nutrition of your own leafy greens and herbs grown in soil right where you cook
  • Guests always end up in the kitchen, so pump up your entertaining… and flavors with an indoor kitchen garden
  • Easily Grow 24 plants with no weeding, no digging, harvest standing up and even water with a timer while you travel

Additional Information

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  • Varden™ Kitchen Garden measures 2.5′ wide x 3′ tall (including water basin)
  • 4 pieces of pre-cut Vardensok mesh for 2′ socks, ready to be filled with your garden soil and planted
  • 8 Varden™ trays, pre-cut irrigation supply line with fittings
  • 4 drip irrigation lines with fittings attached to water each tray row

Includes a sealed water basin, an electric pump for the irrigation system, an interior wall moisture barrier, side trim and top panel with 24″ grow light. Can be mounted in places that don’t have direct access to natural light. All components made in the USA!

The Varden Kitchen Garden will hold up to 24 live plant plugs (not included). Check out our  Fast Start Plants to get growing quickly!

*For growing microgreens please order a box of soil-filed ellepot pouches and watch the helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

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Customer Reviews

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John Simon

The vertical garden 24 is what I bought and I’d say it's a pretty good value.


This system has so many advantages for growing great food. I used it in my backyard for the convenience and reliability of growing awesome herbs. Then I expanded it to grow flowers too!) With the built in drip feed watering system, and an added timer I never have to worry about going out of town. Maybe the best advantage of all is the fact I don't need to weed!;) And it's too high for the rabbits :)


I’m going to give this to someone who no longer can do traditional gardening.
They can have vegetables or flowers which ever they would like.

John Eckrich

Nothing like a in home living spice rack right outside your patio door. What delicious fun.

Betsy Cuneo

We bought our Indoor Varden Kit well over a year ago and we use it all the time. It's so easy. We grow, cut and grow again as we need it. I've been cooking with rosemary, basil and oregano on a regular basis. It feels like a piece of art in my kitchen. The watering system is wonderful. It allows me to be flexible with my time, travel, work and know that my herbs are being watered. It's also fun to mix and match the herbs and change them out if I feel like growing something else. We get lots of compliments when friends and family come over for dinner!