Irrigation Parts Package

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Save time and buy what we use!  This package contains the typical components used for irrigation water supply to our Varden™ vertical gardens and living walls. We provide enough quantity of the right components to cover many DIY vertical garden configurations.

  • We offer smaller quantities than the irrigation supply houses and take the guesswork out of it for you.
  • For customers who want to build out their own custom sized system we have packaged 1/2″ poly water supply lines and 1/4″ poly dripper lines with .5 gph emitters on 6″ centers.
  • Standard components we use for all of our pre-assembled Varden Vertical Garden units and for custom installs.

Package Includes:

(25′) 1/2” Water supply line – (5) 1/2” Straight line couplers – (5) 1/2″ Elbow couplers – (5) 1/2″ Tee Couplers – (5) 1/2″ Spin-lok end caps – (5) 1/2″ Spin-lok hose ends – (30′) 1/4″ drip irrigation line with .5 gph emitters every 6″ – (25) 1/4” Connector for drip lines to supply lines – (25) 1/4 End Plug for terminal ends of drip lines