Varden™ Galvanized Wire Panels

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Varden Wire Panels are the backbone of the most versatile vertical growing system available. Create living wall art, signature business branding or the vertical garden planter you have been dreaming of, all with Varden’s innovative welded wire. Wire panels are designed to integrate perfectly with Varden Trays or Sleeves to build Vertical Gardens and Living Walls indoors or outdoors. See details in this short video here.

  • Welded Wire support panels in compliance with Varden™ specifications, that are galvanized to last decades.
  • Tray Panels in two sizes: 2’ wide x 3’ tall with 6 inch opening for Trays (standard Varden™ size), and 2′ wide x 2′ tall
  • Sleeve Panels in one size: 2’ wide x 2.66’ tall with 8 inch opening for Sleeves.
  • Panels sold individually and shipped in a box. Each box holds a max. of 4 per box.
  • For custom sizes and projects, contact us for a quote and consultation.