Varden™ Trays(12 ct)

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  • The Varden System of components lets you build your own custom living wall or vertical garden “any way you want”.
  • Varden Trays are the heart of the most versatile vertical growing system on the planet. See it on this short video.
  • Injection molded plastic trays are designed to securely snap onto Varden™ wire panels and support soil-filled Vardensoks for growing. Will work with some common wire panels with 6″ vertical openings as well.
  • Designed to receive 1/4″ drip irrigation lines through receptors in the bottom surface of each tray.
  • Engineered to last decades when installed with matching Varden Vertical Garden components.
  • Sold in units of 12 trays per box, based on 12 trays needed per 2′ x 3′ Varden support wire panels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
K.V. (Seattle, US)
Well Engineered

What at first appears to be a simple piece of plastic is actually an engineering masterpiece. This well constructed tray has thoughtful irrigation incorporated into its design and is built to last for years, regardless if you are a residential or commercial user. This tray design is the cornerstone product to the modular flexibility offered by the Varden system. I couldn’t be happier.

David Bishop (Lake Forest, US)
The Industry Standard

We are a leading living wall and vertical garden contractor in California. I've had the privilege of working with various living wall systems, and it's with great pleasure that I share my experience with the exceptional Varden living system from
As someone who's committed to delivering upscale installations with a high aesthetic value, I appreciate products that prioritize ease of use without compromising on sophistication. The modular setup of the Varden system is a breeze to assemble and install, allowing me to tailor our living walls to our client's unique space and vision effortlessly.
What truly sets the Varden Living Wall System apart is its remarkable adaptability. As a professional installer, I've encountered diverse plant preferences and design aesthetics. The Varden's thoughtful Tray and socks design can accommodate an impressive array of botanical species, allowing me to craft dynamic compositions that elevate any design narrative. Witnessing the transformation from a blank canvas to a thriving vertical garden has been an inspiring journey each time.
We have built our business on this system and teaching other installers the same. Knowing that the Varden system enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces, ease of installation, happy plants, reduced watering, and industry best maintenance costs, I'm confident in recommending my colleagues, contractors, architects and designers for commercial or residential, indoor or outdoors, an edible or ornamental solution for their projects.

D.B. (Lake Forest, US)
The secret to my success!

Varden trays are a game changed for living wall installations and it is the only system I trust to bring engineered quality, value and reliability to our projects.

Yoon Lee (Irvine, US)
Innovative product!!

Worked well for my strawberry tower project.