Varden Empty Mesh Roll

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Soil filled Vardensok are the heart of the Varden Vertical Garden System. When you are creating a custom vertical garden or refreshing the media from last year, our bulk rolls of empty mesh give you control and creativity.

  • Bulk Rolls of empty mesh for cutting and filling with your favorite gardening soil.
  • Breathable containment for garden soil that lets the roots breath and prevents over-watering. (strawberries love it)
  • Create 5″ diameter Vardensoks for use in the Varden™ living wall system with Varden Trays.
  • Each 400′ roll will yield approx. 150 filled 2′ long socks. Sold in units of 1 roll per box and box can fit 2 rolls max.
  • Can be used for creative plantable edging, borders, and window boxes too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
K.V. (Seattle, US)
Very impressed with the quality

I received my roll of bulk mesh and got right to work making my 2’ long socks and planting nearly 300 strawberry plants for my Varden project. I am really happy with the quality of the material and how well it held up in our planting process. I would recommend that anyone thinking of using this material in their application to give it a try as I haven’t been able to find a better product on the market and I have looked extensively. Besides, the customer service has been outstanding as they have answered all of my questions and helped me with my hybrid design. Thanks again!

Yoon Lee (Irvine, US)
Perfect for strawberries.

I’ve been growing my strawberries using hydroponic system. I filled this sock with my own recipe of soil. (1part of coco coir, 1 part of peat moss and 2 parts of perlite). Strawberries are growing well in the Vardensok that drains well.

Thanks the review and it will help many as customers are interested in growing strawberries and are new to the sock mesh as a soil container! Show us the harvest!