Save time, money, and the environment. Every part of our Varden Systems is made in the United States and designed to last for many years – all at a competitive price. Our systems work for everyone, including the beginner gardener DIY landscaper and professionals wanting to create custom projects for their clients. You can purchase an entire ready-to-assemble kit, combine multiple kits or you can grab specific components to create your own unique system. We pride ourself on innovation and value that is well thought out!

We have several helpful playlists on our Youtube Channel and this link will take you directly to Mark giving answers to the most popular ones concerning the Varden P100 blocks. He is the inventor and has many patents in the retaining wall market spanning over 30 years. The Varden P100 is the culmination of his entire career and he has lots to say about the environmental need for “greening” retaining walls and the utility of his designs.

Each Varden P100 living retaining wall block covers 1 square foot (sf) of wall face. Since the blocks are 14″ deep and open on the sides and bottom,  it will take 1 cubic foot (cf) of soil per sf of wall face to fully backfill the modules and the space between the modules. For example, a 250 sf wall will take 250 blocks and will use 250 cf of soil to fill the blocks in the wall facing. Essentially the wall face is all soil and that’s great news for the vegetation you will plant into the wall blocks!

Every region of the country is different and will have locally available plant species that will thrive in your Varden P100 living retaining wall. We have great experience with perennial ground covers for long term coverage and ease of maintenance. Many varieties of Sedum work great, as do Grasses, or Vines such as ivy, vinca, honeysuckle and euonymus. Spice it up with some edible plants and annual flowers mixed in as well!

Varden™ has been in the vertical living wall market for the last 8 years with excellent results. Several customers began using it for vertical organic gardening with impressive results, so we decided to shift our focus to local food and developed this version just for entry level home gardening.

Each filled, 2′ long Vardensok holds about .333 cubic feet (cf) of garden soil or compost, depending on how full you pack them. For the Varden 36 unit you will need 2 cf of garden soil to fill all 6 Vardensok. For the Varden 24 unit you will need 1.33 cf to fill all 4 Vardensok. It’s fun and easy to fill them!

Our packaging is fun and informative. Everything needed to is in the box with most of the components pre-assembled and an instructional mounting template printed in the box. Check out the curated playlists on our YouTube channel for visual tips as well. Find the right spot and get vertical gardening in about an hour.

Our soil filled Vardensok sits right on top of a great drip irrigation system that waters right at the root zone for optimal plant health and zero water waste. Its all included in the kit and pre-assembled too. You can top water with a wand if the drip does not suit your location or needs but drip is most efficient.

Leafy greens and herbs work well so focus on salad accents and cooking flavors. Plants with less root depth needs and top-growth less than 2 feet tall are the best choices. Get creative and see what you can make work. Then send us pics and info to add to our knowledge base.

Varden™ and its hardware has been designed to be added onto. Expand side-to-side, up and down, or both. The wire and trays will butt up to make a seamless, larger Varden™ so you can start small and grow into it. We offer expansion components and tech support to make it easy for you to have a bigger Vertical Garden just about anywhere!

We are always learning from others so give anything a try and share results with us. We do have additional tray designs such as our Varden Sleeve and they are designed be great for deeper rooted species.

Darn right they can! We have accessories to let you garden vertically indoors year-round. Our Indoor Varden 36 unit includes a water basin and pump, side panels, top panel and a light. Eat fresh all winter!

You can order filled Vardensok from us or you can get great garden soil at your local garden center or farm supply dealer. You may want to check for a quality compost producer that is a member of the US Composting Council for the most environmentally beneficial gardening soil/compost.

If you are already a gardener, you may want to start your plants from seed or direct seed into the Vardensoks. No matter what, the most reliable way to get a great vertical garden is to purchase the best garden plants you can find at your local garden center. Buy small live plugs no more that 2-3″ in diameter to make it easy for insertion into the Vardensok.