An easy-to-install Varden™ vertical garden makes gardening accessible to everyone! 

Why choose Varden? grown in soil
How it works? Varden Kit
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What comes in the box?

Ready to Install

Each Varden Vertical Garden includes everything to have a successful growing season. Each Varden is shipped right to your door and ready to install! (soil and plants not included)

Fill with growing media

Each Varden™ Kitchen Garden provides you with modular soil carrier trays, and irrigation accompanied with detailed instructions to guide you through setting up your vertical garden!

Reusable Filler Tube

Planting your vertical garden is quick and simple. Each Varden™ Kitchen Garden comes complete with pre-cut empty mesh socks to hold garden soil.

Made in USA

All of our components are designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Wire Support Panel

Structural steel panel that is galvanized for decades of vertical gardening use.

Plants thrive due to our Vardensok, a breathable, soil-filled mesh tube that is cradled in each Varden™ tray. The efficient drip irrigation system sits beneath them, right at the root zone, providing aeration and soil mass to ensure great plant health for your chosen species. Vardensoks are easily planted and our written and video instructions will show you how.

Grow in Soil: Mother Nature’s Recipe

There is something inherently compelling about getting your hands in the dirt— feeding it so that it can feed you. Other vertical garden systems use hydroponics with lots of chemical inputs. Growing in soil is part of mother nature’s recipe for not only better-tasting plants but all-around more nutritious food for your well-being.

Looking for just the components?

If you’re looking to buy components individually, check out our Varden Components Category in our Shop.

Easy-to-Follow Template Included

Inside each box is a protective liner which can be pulled out to use as a full-scale mounting template, helping with placement of the fasteners. Also, each Kitchen Garden includes complete instructions for installation and use of your new green space!

We grow in soil, the way Mother Nature intended.

Visit our Youtube Channel to check out more on Vertical Gardening!

Grow Your Own Food Even in Small Spaces

Even if you are short on space —like living in an urban environment— you still have the ability to grow your own food on a balcony or patio. The Varden™ Kitchen Garden units are our DIY, smaller version of the Varden™ outdoor living wall system which can be mounted on an exterior building wall, fence, stand, balcony or even on a post. You can grow a variety of plants, including herbs, lettuce, spinach, kale and edible flowers; they all grow beautifully in our optional custom-blended, pesticide-free, compost-based soil.  Or save on shipping and use your own soil or compost. Your vertical garden can be installed in less than an hour without special tools or experience.

Check Out Our Varden™ Installation Videos On Our Youtube Channel!

Join the Sustainable Revolution

Not only do vertical gardens allow you to grow your own food even when short on space, but plant walls also improve indoor air quality by increasing oxygen, providing natural humidity, and reducing volatile-organic-compounds (VOCs) such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Plus, all of our products utilize the maximum recycled components in their manufacture and installed conditions. All of our living wall and vertical garden components have been conceived with the intention of establishing optimal conditions for plant health and long-term ecological sustainability.

vertical garden mounted on a post
Harvesting from a vertical garden

Gardens That Last For Years

The Varden™ Kitchen Garden was carefully designed with durable components that will not degrade or fall apart and have been known to last for decades. Vardensoks have been used for up to five seasons without replacement by some of our organic farm customers!  This is a great deal.

Want an Even Bigger Vertical Garden?

By purchasing multiple Varden Kitchen Garden units, you can create a design that fits your goals, personality, and space! There are endless opportunities to create a living wall or vertical garden system, in any form that works for your home or workplace.

Bigger vertical garden on garage

DIY Vertical Gardening is Now Easy

From urban environments to suburban backyards, Vertical Garden Supply has everything a Gardener needs to build a one-of-a-kind living wall. Contact us to get started on building your outdoor or indoor living wall system.