Have fun becoming a successful gardener with Varden.

Our Varden system works because it mimics natural environments. Our Vardensoks give roots plenty of room to spread out, absorb vital nutrients, and breathe in pesticide-free conditions. Better yet, our growing soil is well-draining, which means your plants are less likely to drown and you’ll use less water. The end result? Less root rot and mold, enhanced sustainability, and better-tasting plants.

Other vertical farming methods fail because they move away from nature. Roots choke and rot in small pots, and hydroponic systems require extensive water, chemical, and energy imports.

Gardeners standing up to tend a large vertical garden

We grow in soil, the way Mother Nature intended.

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Grow Your Own Food in Zero Space With Our Vertical Garden & Farming Products!

Innovative components within our VARDEN™ vertical gardens make small space gardening and vertical farming attainable for just about anyone.

Outdoor Varden™ Vertical Farm 264 – Traditional farming takes up a lot of room, which isn’t available for people who live in urban areas. With this A-frame, you’ll get 48 square feet of growing area on wheels, making urban farming a breeze.

Varden Vertical Garden Rack

Freestanding Varden™ Vertical Rack -Our Varden Free-Standing Rack makes vertical gardening easy to get started in any location. Designed as a companion for our Varden Kitchen Gardens, the Rack allows vertical gardens to be mounted without attachment to a wall or structure for up to 12 sq ft of growing space.

Varden Vertical Farm 132 – The potential solution to your limited gardening space? The Leaning Garden! The A-frame leaning design means you can rest your compact garden against just about any wall.

What is Vertical Farming?

We believe vertical farming is key to the future of agriculture.

Traditional farming techniques are often wasteful in terms of how much arable land they use, the emissions they generate, and how much water they require. Furthermore, disruptions to the food supply chain, which occur more frequently as climate change accelerates, can lead to food scarcity.

Varden freestanding vertical garden rack on a balcony

Instead of relying on the grocery store for food security, wouldn’t it be better to let the average person take a more active role in the food system?

We believe that, given the right tools, anyone can participate in the food production system in a more sustainable manner. These tools? Outdoor and indoor vertical farming.

Vertical farming, as the name suggests, allows people to grow plants vertically, meaning that someone with little space can still grow edible plants, from garden herbs like cilantro to leafy greens like kale. Our systems can lean against or stand next to walls, taking up virtually zero space. Whether someone has a massive backyard or a small porch, there is enough room for our vertical gardens to thrive.

Vertical Garden Plants ready for shipment

Why Varden Vertical Gardens?

Other vertical farming companies prioritize fancy gizmos and profitability over efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability.

Not us.

From the rural Midwest to the heart of New York City, from the most advanced engineers to the single mom teaching her kids sustainability, we believe everyone – no matter who they are or where they live – deserves food security and accessible gardening systems. That is why we designed our system to be easy for beginners to use while also being customizable enough that engineers can use our components in complex architectural designs.

We can help you achieve your vertical farming goals, no matter what they are.