Big Varden Vertical Garden News:

We have been busy designing, planning, shipping, and installing a super cool Varden living wall structure for the Coachella music festival this year. The project came up quickly and we did not have a lot of time prior to the event to pull this off. We are very thankful that the event organizers selected our product. One of the many reasons for using our Varden Vertical Garden system is that it is all American made and we always carry a significant inventory in our Saint Louis warehouse.

The Coachella project has been referred to as the “Adidas Flower Cube” and it is exactly that. Ultimately the customer was Adidas, and their event display design teams envisioned building the flower cube display for their sponsored artist Bad Bunny.

Happy Accidents:

One of the fortunate facts about the project is that we were able to utilize the same components that we use for our Varden 36 outdoor vertical garden units. The design utilized repeating patterns of our 2’ by 3’ wire panels in a method that I like to refer to as “vertical tiling”. This method enabled the installation teams to cover the 35′ tall structure with our mounting hardware, attach the wire panels and then from there it was a matter of attaching our Varden trays and setting up irrigation appropriate to the structure.

Every bit of the living wall materials came from here in St. Louis MO. including the irrigation. Irrigation for the vertical garden system at Coachella was sufficiently complicated and we used our local irrigation supply house to help us with the design and to supply all the components.

Box of Vardensok

Vardensok headed to Coachella 2023

Full Truck of Varden Parts

Stuffed Truck full of Varden Parts

Screen Shot of Elevation Living Walls Coachella page

Vertical Garden Planning:

For the planting soil in the Varden vertical garden trays, they did not have time to fill our empty mesh on the project site, so we supplied filled Vardensok along with all the other components. Amazingly, we were able to fit all the components into one semi-trailer allowing the skilled installation teams on site to get moving on the structural part of it while their planting teams planted 32,000 plants within our soil filled Vardensok. Once the structural components were installed onto the cube, all they had to do was make sure the irrigation worked properly and then drop in the planted Vardensok to complete the magic. A very similar sequence to what a Varden 36 customer does to set up a single vertical garden unit at their home gardens. We hope this gives our customers some great garden ideas for their own vertical garden planning. Its amazing to see how versatile and scalable the Varden vertical garden system can be in the hands of skilled creators!

Living Wall Success:

Our customers were pleased, as was the crowd at Coachella and all who experienced our most awe inspiring Varden vertical garden creation. Thanks to Elevation Living Walls, our California distributor, for managing the design and installation process. Elevation worked with many other trades in a fast and furious work environment to get this project ready in time for the show opening. There’s quite a bit of information out there on this “Adidas Flower Cube” and check out some of the links we have embedded here to get a feel for just how amazing this space was to experience in person.

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