Garden Planting Season is Here

Early May in Saint Louis is always a magical time, when all the plants are emerging, everything is greening up and flowering. For us, we have been busy planting our own vertical gardens and communicating with our customers that have been planting theirs. Many of our customers have vertical gardens that were dormant over the winter and now they are replanting them for this 2023 gardening season and it’s a time of great excitement and anticipation.

Vertical Gardening on YouTube

Vertical Garden Supply Channel:

In this blog segment we simply want to highlight two videos that have been produced recently. Both show off our innovative wall planter systems. One features how to plant a Varden Vertical Garden system that has been installed on the side of a garage. Creating what we call the “garage garden” has achieved 46 square feet of productive garden space while taking up no usable area. The tray planter system is composed of several Varden 36 outdoor units and even includes a Varden Sleeve vertical garden for deeper rooted species such as tomatoes. All of it is drip irrigated on a timer so the gardening is easy! In our business this is a huge success.

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Living Retaining Walls on YouTube:

The second video highlights how to plant a recently installed Living Retaining Wall system. Built on the same location as the garage vertical garden, there was a replacement of a railroad tie retaining wall with our Varden P100 plantable block system. Once the construction was complete the next step is always to introduce plants into the face and the video that we have produced shows that very well and offers up many finer points to successfully plant a living retaining wall project.

Both of these videos are housed on our YouTube channel. We would like to draw attention to the fact that we have been busy creating quite a bit of content, curated in playlists that make it easy to see just about any landscape retaining wall or vertical garden task you would want to do yourself. Have a look and let us know what else you’d like to see and know that we are posting new videos almost daily. If you don’t see the operation that you would like to study up on, please shoot us an e-mail or a message through our social media accounts and we’ll do our best to produce the video project that will help you achieve success in your own vertical gardening application. Cheers!

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About the Author: Mark Woolbright

Mark Woolbright is an inventor and innovator of living walls with over 30 years in design, manufacture, marketing, and installation of plantable, living wall systems. Mark graduated from Eastern Illinois University and is currently Managing Member of Greenwall Ventures, LLC, and most recently, CEO/Founder of Verdtech, Inc. Throughout his career, he has been awarded twelve patents, with more applications pending. Mark has served on the Board of the St. Louis USGBC, as a member of the Green Wall Committee of GRHC which develops course curriculum for its Green Walls 101 course and is a certified Biophilic Design trainer through GPGB. He is passionate about educating the building community on the environmental benefits of Living Walls and best practices for their use. If you have questions on living walls, contact Mark at (314) 279-8905 or View his creations and services at