Varden™ Sleeve(30 ct)

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Comes in a box of 30 Sleeves. *Ellepots sold separately.*

  • Made to attach easily to our 8 inch opening wire panels
  • Functions as an AirTray for use with 100mm dia. Ellepots in various depths up to 240mm
  • Integrates with automated processes from seeding to finished plants
  • Utilizes AirTray technology to create equivalent growing conditions to a 1 gallon pot, with excellent plant health and speed of growth coupled with no circling roots
  • Facilitates high density plant counts to increase growing area efficiency
  • Allow for precise moisture control and dry-down while creating optimal root health
  • Interacts seamlessly with Varden™ Support Structures and allows easy movement and reconfigure of density based on plant stage and top-growth size
  • Used for four season living walls even in northern climates as well accommodates deeper rooted plant material not suitable in Varden™ Trays