Is the state of your home décor a thorny issue for you? Do you need encouragemint to go to the store for fresh herbs and vegetables? Wood gardening be of any interest to you? If you answered yes to any of these (gourd-awful) questions, then an indoor living wall could be just what your space needs.

An indoor vertical garden can add a pop of color to any area and allow room for an herb and vegetable garden in even the tiniest of spaces. It’s the easiest way homeowners and renters alike can add greenery to their living rooms or kitchens.

Our Living Wall Systems

Grow from the ground up! Our Varden™ vertical garden systems are perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening, no matter how much or how little space you have.

How It Works

Everyone deserves accessible gardening, which is why we designed our Varden™ system to be as efficient and convenient as possible. Whether you’re a professional landscape designer or a beginning gardener, we are confident you can use our system and its components to achieve your vertical farming goals.

Many other vertical garden setups fail because they introduce plants to artificial settings where they can’t thrive. Systems that use pots, for example, result in less space for roots and increased chances of root rot and mold. Hydroponic systems meanwhile require a constant stream of energy, added chemicals, and tons of water to function.

Our vertical farming system works by imitating natural conditions. In our well-draining system, roots thrive because they have space to spread out, breathe, and absorb vital nutrients. That means our plants are healthier (and better-tasting) than plants grown in other vertical gardening systems.

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Other Considerations

While easy to install and maintain, these indoor garden walls still require some forethought. Factors to keep in mind before placing an indoor green wall include:

  • Light conditions – Ask yourself: Where will your plants get the sunlight they need to thrive? Natural light is best, but store-bought grow lights can help in low-light environments.
  • Household well-being – While we still think there are plenty of benefits to indoor gardening, you need to take the well-being of your household into account before adding houseplants to your space. After all, many people deal with allergies, and some varieties of houseplants are toxic to pets. Do your research beforehand to decide which plants will be worthwhile additions to your space.

Ideas for How to Use Our Indoor Living Wall

You wood not be-leaf how an indoor living wall could liven up your space and give you all the room you need to grow your own garden!

There is no right or wrong way to use our vertical farming system; the only limits are your own creativity. Some popular ways people use our systems include the following.

Kitchen Herb Gardens

Grab fresh herbs and veggies instantly by installing one of our vertical wall gardens right inside your kitchen.

Home Décor

Choose edible plants or purely decorative ones for your indoor vertical garden. Either way, you can arrange aesthetically pleasing plants in a way that gives your living room a little extra pop.

Sustainability Lessons

If you have children, instill in them a lifelong love of gardening and nature. With our easy-to-care-for vertical garden, you can teach kids about the food cycle and how to care for plants within the comfort of your own home or apartment. And, because dirt is neatly contained within our Vardensoks, even the messiest youngsters can help.

Check out our Pinterest page to see all of the incredible ways people have used our vertical farming systems!

9 Indoor Vertical Garden Benefits

Why choose to put our Varden™ living wall indoors? Because it’s beneficial to you!

  1. Convenience – Our vertical indoor plant walls are low maintenance, the components are lightweight, and assembly is a breeze.
  2. Space saver – Vertical wall gardens take up less space than potted plants.
  3. Customizable plant selection – You can grow many types of plants, from herbs to succulents, in our system.
  4. Easy organic food – You can have your very own vegetable and herb garden, no matter how much or little room you have.
  5. Greener interior design – Replace mass-produced wall art with a unique living plant wall.
  6. Easy installation – Our vertical systems are easy to install. You don’t have to worry about poking holes in a rental, either; we offer lean-to options that don’t need to be wall mounted.
  7. Sustainability – Go greener. Our products contain recycled scrap plastic and are designed to last for decades. Even better, our drip irrigation system uses less water, chemicals, and energy than hydroponic options.
  8. Healthier plants – Our setup is better for root systems than potting plants. Healthier plants are also better-tasting plants!
  9. Locality – Locally sourced products and food are more environmentally friendly than items that require long-distance shipping. All of our products are proudly made in the USA, with most of the production occurring right here in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ask not what you can do for your garden; ask what your garden can do for you.

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About the Author: Mark Woolbright

Mark Woolbright is an inventor and innovator of living walls with over 30 years in design, manufacture, marketing, and installation of plantable, living wall systems. Mark graduated from Eastern Illinois University and is currently Managing Member of Greenwall Ventures, LLC, and most recently, CEO/Founder of Verdtech, Inc. Throughout his career, he has been awarded twelve patents, with more applications pending. Mark has served on the Board of the St. Louis USGBC, as a member of the Green Wall Committee of GRHC which develops course curriculum for its Green Walls 101 course and is a certified Biophilic Design trainer through GPGB. He is passionate about educating the building community on the environmental benefits of Living Walls and best practices for their use. If you have questions on living walls, contact Mark at (314) 279-8905 or View his creations and services at