Vertical Gardening Hits the Big Boxes

Our collaborations with “Big Box retailers” in 2022 has enabled us to gain more exposure and bring Vertical Gardening to the places where people shop and look for new garden products. Many of our Varden products and accessories can now be purchased on and with other partners coming in for the Spring ’23 Gardening Season. We have worked hard to build relationships with these great American retail companies and we are so grateful that our trending “Made in the USA” products are now part of their offering. Big retailer acceptance helps us push our mission forward even faster. You can search those retail sites for all of our products by typing “Varden” in their search bars. Most have attractive deals right now for gifting the gardener in your life or planning for your own vertical garden in the coming season. 

Picture collage showing How you can Varden™

How to Find Vertical Garden Systems

While our vertical garden supply website is the best place to find the entire Varden Brand line of products, many garden shoppers will search the Big Box stores online to find the latest vertical garden ideas and vertical gardening systems. We published a blog a few months back (click here to review) detailing the difference between our vertical growing systems, wall planters and other popular gardening methods.

Popular Garden Methods

The Raised Bed Garden has become very popular with home gardeners, as well as Tower Gardens of many brands and types. Our opinion is that the Vertical Garden is less cost, less labor and more productive that other systems. Vardening takes up less (or no) space and can be done in unused spaces and out of the way places, so the gardener has plenty of room for other fun with their available space. The Varden Vertical Garden System uses  breathable, soil-filled mesh tubes to yield great plant health and taste that can only come from growing in good garden soil or compost. To us, that is what seals the deal, but gardeners will have to choose for themselves and having a wide range of systems available at Big Box Retailers is a great way to decide and plan the perfect garden for 2023!

Home Gardening is Increasing

Lots of U.S Households Garden: There is no shortage of good articles on the upswing in gardening before and after the pandemic. Growing some or even most of our own food has been a very American trait until recently. Our trends toward urban living with smaller yards, or no yards, has challenged the trend. The modern garden is often a patio, fence or balcony and they provide enough space to grow food that is clean and healthy. At the least, this type of gardening connects children to where food comes from and gives access to nature. Every home should have a vertical garden. The economics are there and we have the right product and the right educational resources to make that happen. The graphic below has some fun data and let us know if you agree with the info based on your experiences. Click for the full article below.

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