Uses for Varden Vertical Farms

We started our company with the idea for our Varden Sleeve, coupled with our modular vertical farm units. Our Varden vertical garden trays have gotten most of the attention up till now but we are beginning the rollout of the sleeves and frames to offer great variety in growing, display and selling applications. The 6’ tall version we exhibited at Cultivate ’21 this past week is the culmination of plenty of design, trial and error. Personally I am very pleased with the structure and ease of assembly the final version has achieved. Each set of frame components is custom made of aluminum and made modular by the use of repeating 3’ long segments that can be easily connected to yield systems from 3’ tall to 9’ tall. You can see all of  our Vertical Farm versions at this page link.

We can also include:

  • drip irrigation for both the trays and the sleeves
  • two types of welded wire panels to span the uprights and carry the or trays sleeves (or both)
  • we can add a sump in the drip pan (prevents a mess in store applications) so the use of pumps is available to drive the irrigation in stand-alone “service” applications
  • lighting??? Yes, we even have mounts for grow lights on both sides
  • our frames can be fixed in a permanent location or can use our structural base with locking casters to grow just about anywhere

Here at Cultivate’21 we received plenty of good feedback on the many service applications our Vertical Farms can be used in. We were thinking display of live herbs for grocery, in addition to restaurant patios and small farming. We heard of opportunities in greenhouse, floral display and garden center display. Wow!

The new Varden Sleeve tray was a hit as was the deep 100mm Ellepot that contains the growing media inside it. The show provided a great debut all around for our Ellepot based offerings as we also showcased the Ellepot Pouch in our Varden Trays and received a good response to them as well.

Many thanks to our friends and collaborators at Blackmore Company for their support for our unique use of AirTrays and Ellepots with our many vertical growing systems. Their products make our products better!

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About the Author: Mark Woolbright

Mark Woolbright is an inventor and innovator of living walls with over 30 years in design, manufacture, marketing, and installation of plantable, living wall systems. Mark graduated from Eastern Illinois University and is currently Managing Member of Greenwall Ventures, LLC, and most recently, CEO/Founder of Verdtech, Inc. Throughout his career, he has been awarded twelve patents, with more applications pending. Mark has served on the Board of the St. Louis USGBC, as a member of the Green Wall Committee of GRHC which develops course curriculum for its Green Walls 101 course and is a certified Biophilic Design trainer through GPGB. He is passionate about educating the building community on the environmental benefits of Living Walls and best practices for their use. If you have questions on living walls, contact Mark at (314) 279-8905 or View his creations and services at