How to Build a Vertical Garden, the Varden™ Way

As more and more people see the value in gardening, you may be wanting to get started yourself. But when you’ve never had your own garden, you’ve killed every plant you’ve ever owned, or you only have a small space unsuited for a traditional garden, you may feel unsure of where to start.

To that, we say: Grow up—literally—with our vertical garden planters.

Our Varden™ vertical garden systems help people add lush greenery to their living spaces, no matter how big or small those spaces are. Keep reading to discover how our vertical gardening systems can help you grow big in a small space.

Going Green, the Varden™ Way

Grow big or grow home… Why not both?

Our gardens are all about helping people grow lots of plants in even the tiniest of spaces. It’s all thanks to our systems’ vertical setups. Here is another post on versatility for ideas.

But our systems do far more than just let you grow vertically to maximize your space. Our freestanding or mounted vertical gardens also:

  • Are made partly of recycled materials that are locally sourced,
  • Use fewer chemicals and generate less water waste than hydroponic systems,
  • Don’t require a massive water reservoir to get started, thanks to their drip-irrigation watering systems,
  • Can be installed in either an indoor or outdoor space,
  • Are made of sturdy, weather-resistant materials,
  • Keep critters out of your gardens the way raised garden beds can (while taking up less space),
  • Are perfect for creating your own vertical herb garden,
  • Can help you create an outdoor flower garden tower for your latest landscaping project (without the hassle of stacking countless flower pots),
  • Are better for root systems than traditional container gardening, which leaves roots prone to mold and root rot, and
  • Can easily convert almost any space to gardening space.

The best vertical garden is the one you have, and our systems are designed to work in your unique space, no matter if you’re in an urban, suburban, or rural location.

What You’ll Need

People have traditionally associated “vertical gardening” with a trellis, but you don’t need one to create your very own thriving plant wall.

Here is what you will need to build your very own vertical wall garden:

  • Vertical frame/planter – You’ll need a vertical planting frame to get started. Fortunately, you won’t want for lack of options. Hanging planters, vertical wall planters, stackable planters, and more are all extremely popular at the moment, meaning you can easily find these planters Jo at nurseries or hardware stores near you.

Our recommendation? Our Varden™ vertical garden system, of course! It’s perfectly accessible for first-time growers. It’s also extremely customizable for professionals, too. Best of all, our systems fit in smaller spaces thanks to their vertical setup and can grow either indoors or outdoors.

Getting Started with Our Vertical Garden Planters

You’ve gotten your supplies. Now comes the fun part: actually setting everything up!

  1. Prepare your spot – Make sure to prep the space where your future garden will live. Start by measuring your wall space to ensure that your vertical gardening system will actually fit. Then, remove any obstacles that will prevent your plants from getting the right amount of light they need.
  2. Install your vertical planters – You don’t have to consider yourself a DIY-er to install our vertical planting systems. We designed all of our systems to be both adaptable for professionals to use in unique landscaping projects and simple for a layperson to install.

We recommend you take a look at the following resources to learn how to install our products:

  1. Add your plants – You have plenty of options when it comes to adding your plants to our systems. You can grow from seeds, use fast-start plugs to get started growing quickly in our GardenSoxx, or try our pre-planted edible Vardensoks. The choice is always yours.
  2. Watch the magic happen – Our efficient, low-maintenance systems do most of the work for you. That means you can largely sit back and watch as your plants flourish in your new vertical growing setup.

Let’s Get in Touch

We would love to help you get started on your vertical growing journey. Contact us by email or phone or find us on social media.

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About the Author: Mark Woolbright

Mark Woolbright is an inventor and innovator of living walls with over 30 years in design, manufacture, marketing, and installation of plantable, living wall systems. Mark graduated from Eastern Illinois University and is currently Managing Member of Greenwall Ventures, LLC, and most recently, CEO/Founder of Verdtech, Inc. Throughout his career, he has been awarded twelve patents, with more applications pending. Mark has served on the Board of the St. Louis USGBC, as a member of the Green Wall Committee of GRHC which develops course curriculum for its Green Walls 101 course and is a certified Biophilic Design trainer through GPGB. He is passionate about educating the building community on the environmental benefits of Living Walls and best practices for their use. If you have questions on living walls, contact Mark at (314) 279-8905 or View his creations and services at